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We seek to recruit the best talent and are open to collaborate with academic and industry leaders in order to progress our pipeline. Technology and translational expertise are equally important to our vision of moving cancer therapies into the clinic fast. As a focussed SME Biotech, we pride ourselves in defining success criteria upfront, valuing individual contributions as well as team efforts and our perseverance to find solutions to clinical challenges. If our vision, fast pace, and drive to succeed aligns with your ambition, please get in touch.

Our Vacancies

  • Protein Biochemist, Scientist in Research

    Location: Alderley Park Bio-Hub

    Job Description – 

    Protein Biochemist, Scientist in Research

    BiVictriX Therapeutics


    Position Type: Permanent, Full-time

    Role: Scientist, Protein Biochemist in Research

    Location: Alderley Park Bio-Hub

    Salary Range: £25,000-£30,000, depending on experience & role



    BiVictriX Therapeutics is an early-stage biotechnology company designing the next generation of highly specific cancer therapeutics based on its proprietary Bi-Cygni approach to drug discovery ( We are currently looking for an innovative and ambitious Protein Biochemist (Scientist) to join our established Protein Sciences team based at Alderley Park in the North West. This role is a full-time lab-based role with great potential to expand in remit and opportunity to impact on the direction of this up-and-coming drug development company.


    Position Description

    Reporting to the Protein Sciences Team Lead, the incumbent will take day-to-day responsibility of the molecular biology suit as well as a leading role in the purification of antibody-based protein formats including – but not limited – to affinity chromatography, IEX, HIC and SEC to arrive at pure target material with minimal protein loss. This will go hand-in-hand with our extensive analytical capabilities and full alignment of techniques is a requirement. We have an Aekta system in place that is enabling throughput and quality at this key stage in bispecific ADC drug discovery and development. As part of lead clone selection, target binding and epitope binning are important to the workflow at BVX. A solid understanding and hand-on experience of BIAcore (SPR) would be and advantage.

    The candidate will closely work with peers in the protein sciences team as well as other functions (biology and bioconjugation) gaining invaluable insight into the entire drug discovery process.


    Key Skills, Experience and Qualifications

    • Ph.D. or MSc in Protein Biochemist / Life Sciences or equivalent with up to 3 years of post-graduate experience in either academia or industry.
    • Broad experience of molecular biology and DNA manipulation techniques to generate various protein formats for expression in transient mammalian CHO cell culture (vector construction, cloning, sequence confirmation).
    • Protein purification using liquid handling systems (ie Aekta) ideally on antibody-based formats. This includes method development and robustness testing across a number of separation techniques such as affinity, HIC, IEX and SEC. Maintenance and cleaning of equipment is an integral part of our DSP capability.
    • Determination of protein / protein interactions using SPR (surface plasmon resonance) BIAcore™. Here of particular interest is prior experience working and analysing antibody/antigen interactions including experimental design, binding kinetics, and epitope mapping.


    Role & Responsibility

    As part of a wider team, take a leading role in protein purification and target binding assessment (BIAcore) whilst stepping in and out of molecular biology activities. All team members are cross-trained and get exposure to a number of assays and methods as part of a small, nimble but highly productive team.

    Not only implement a technical capability, but further develop and enhance the status quo over time. Become familiar with how your work feeds into wider pipeline projects and contextualise your work and impact. This in turn will enable you and the team to think ‘outside the box’.


    What we offer

    BVX is a vibrant and high pace biotech venture. We offer broad exposure to the entire drug discovery process – an invaluable part of your professional development.

    We work hard but also take time to reflect and celebrate – as a team and with colleagues.

    Our pay package is competitive and comparable to larger drug discovery organisations including base pay, pension contribution and annual bonus; furthermore, we offer you to partake in the company’s future success by offering a share option package – we want to encourage a sense of collective ownership in the success of BiVictriX in years to come.


    Start Date

    From Q4 2022

    To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to


    Scientist, Protein Biochemist in Research