Engineered to target the cancer, not the patient

BiVictriX is building a novel pipeline of first-in-class therapeutics that have superior cancer selectivity. By significantly reducing harmful side-effects, we aim to vastly improve the safe dose of anti-cancer drugs patients can withstand, thus improving the overall effectiveness of treatment at eradicating the cancer.

Our approach relies on utilising our proprietary library of cancer-specific “twin antigen fingerprints”, which are uniquely expressed on the cancer; enabling them to be selectively targeted, while leaving healthy cells alone.

By applying this science, we created our Bi-Cygni® therapeutics.

We are unique in that we identify cancer-specific “fingerprints”, novel combinations of antigens which are co-expressed on the cancer cells but which are largely absent on healthy cells.

Coupled with this knowledge, we use our specialist know-how to design next-generation obligate bispecific therapeutics, capable of selectively targeting the cancer-specific “fingerprints” identified. Thereby fully exploiting the benefits of this promising approach.

The next phase in targeted cancer therapy

Significant benefits offered by Bi-Cygni® therapeutics

Significantly reduced toxicity enables higher dosing and greater efficacy
Superior potency achieved through targeting dual antigens
Reduced toxicity expands options for combinatorial therapies
Expands the universe of potential drug targets
Adaptable across solid/liquid cancers, not reliant on tumour microenvironment
Effective across both high and low expressing tumours


IND Enabling
Phase I/II

Bi-Cygni® ADC
Targets: CD7 x CD33
Indications: AML, other blood cancers

Bi-Cygni® ADC
Targets: undisclosed
Indications: Ovarian cancer & other solid tumours

Bi-Cygni®  IO ADC
Targets: undisclosed
Indications: Bladder cancer & other solid tumours