BiVictriX and IONTAS successfully complete two antibody discovery campaigns

September 22nd, 2021

BiVictriX Therapeutics plc (AIM: BVX), an emerging biotechnology company applying a novel approach to develop next generation cancer therapies using insights derived from frontline clinical experience, today announces the successful completion of two antibody discovery campaigns with IONTAS Limited (“IONTAS”), aimed at supporting the optimisation of BiVictriX’s lead development programme, BVX001.

IONTAS, a leading clinical research organisation offering phage and next generation mammalian display antibody discovery services, has successfully identified novel human binders (antibody fragments) which target BiVictriX’s proprietary “twin cancer antigens”, as part of an ongoing collaboration with BiVictriX. These binders cover a broad range of affinities accommodating species cross-reactivity. They will be further assessed in-house by BiVictriX through in vitro characterisation and testing to validate the efficacy and selectivity in human cell models and further optimise the Company’s lead programme, BVX001.

BiVictriX is using a first-in-class approach to generate a proprietary pipeline of Bi-Cygni® therapeutics which are designed to selectively target antigen co-expression fingerprints, or “twin antigens”, on tumour cells, which are largely absent from healthy cells. BVX001, BiVictriX’s lead programme, is in preclinical development for Acute Myeloid leukaemia, one of the most aggressive forms of blood cancer.

Tiffany Thorn, Chief Executive of BiVictriX Therapeutics plc, commented: “The delivery of these novel binders with species cross-reactivity is an important step for the team and our pipeline and a testament to our successful and ongoing collaboration with IONTAS.The team will begin validating these through in-house testing soon with the aim of determining the efficacy and specificity of the target affinity of each arm as we continue to develop our therapeutics.”

António Parada, Chief Executive of IONTAS, added:“We’re delighted to have been able to support the development of BVX001 through our proprietary antibody discovery services. BiVictriX’s Bi-Cygni® therapeutics, which target antigen co-expression fingerprints, or “twin antigens”, on tumour cells look highly innovative and we wish the company every success as BVX001 progresses in preclinical development.”

This announcement follows the recent appointment of Dr Oliver Schon as Vice President of Product Development and Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls and the Company’s successful listing on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange in August.