Welcome to BiVictriX

Cancer is a notoriously difficult disease to treat as cancer cells can effectively ‘hide’ amongst the healthy cells within the body. To generate truly effective cancer therapies, we must unveil the cancer cells making them vulnerable to precision attack.

Taking insights derived from the clinic, we developed the Bi-Cygni® approach – a novel platform to effectively ‘un-mask’ cancer cells making them visible for selective targeting.

By combining our technology with the well-established ADC therapeutic design, we are developing a broad pipeline of next generation Bi-Cygni® ADCs with superior cancer selectivity – revolutionising how we treat patients suffering from some of the most aggressive cancers.

About us

The Antibody Drug-Conjugate “ADC” therapeutic concept is considered one of the most validated next generation antibody-based therapeutic platforms.

Our guiding principle

“Our vision is to revolutionise cancer therapy for some of the most difficult to treat cancers, ensuring longer-term durable responses are available to all patients, not just a select few.

Through our proprietary Bi-Cygni® approach, BiVictriX has assembled a highly differentiated pipeline of next-generation therapeutics that have superior cancer selectivity. This will enable clinicians to deliver much higher, more effective doses of therapy, without harming the patient in the process.

Our core values lie in bench to bedside translatability, ensuring the patients we serve remain at the very heart of the work we carry out”.

Tiffany Thorn
Chief Executive Officer