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Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) aim to selectively deliver highly potent ‘chemotherapy-like’ drugs directly to the cancer cells through targeting a single antigen present on the surface of the target cell population, thereby aiming to avoid the debilitating side effects commonly associated with traditional chemotherapy.

However, with few cancer specific single targets available, conventional monospecific ADCs commonly target antigens that are expressed to some degree on healthy tissues, resulting in sometimes fatal side effects. This lack of true cancer specificity has resulted in many ADC candidates being removed from clinical trials and is now one of the major factors limiting the development of this otherwise promising therapeutic class.

BiVictriX, through the Bi-Cygni Dual Targeting Technology, is aiming to address this problem by producing a novel class of bispecific ADCs which exhibit superior cancer specificity.


Bi-Cygni Dual Targeting Technology

BiVictriX is developing bispecific ADCs, based on a differentiated, flexible bi-Fab format, which selectively targets a combination of antigens co-expressed in a cancer-restricted pattern on the surface of the targeted cancer cell population.

Through specific adaptations, the ADCs are designed to solely internalise and release their drug payload when in the presence of the cancer cells that co-express the two antigens, and not on healthy tissues that may express just one of the antigen pair.

Bi-Cygni references the targeting of two components at close proximity and derives from Beta Cygni, also familiarly known as Albireo, a popular double star within the constellation Cygnus, the ‘Northern Cross’.



Beta Cygni

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